Communicating Through Logos

By Rohan Stace Robinson

A logo is a quick insight of how a corporate entity represents itself. This is the first, and last thing seen when viewing a business. A successful logo provides a company with instant recognition. For a logo to become successful, the company needs to understand its target audience. Knowing what the audience wants can direct the logos colour, symbols, form and complexity.


Colour is an important decision when designing a logo as certain colours can be associated with a feeling or emotion. Such as the colour blue is associated with the feeling of calm and with a sense of coolness whereas the colour red is connected with hunger and warmth. The company Telstra’s logo often changes colour, the logo maintains its design but the colour the logo uses changes to suit where it is located. For example, on the main website, the logo is two different shades of purple whereas on one of their products the logo is white with a blue background (Telstra, 2019).



A logo’s symbolism is an important component of a logo because it can describe what the company does and where it is headed. The Mazda logo symbolises the company’s ‘flight toward the future’ which directly links to their message of ‘imagination drives us’ (Mazda Australia, 2019). A complete logo needs to be able to translate into many different forms. With the car company, Mazda, their logo needs to be easy to replicate in various materials, such as in a printed form for bills and other paperwork, plastic form for the logos on their vehicles, and being embroidered onto their manuals.

The complexity of a logo is also a major factor to be considered when designing and creating a memorable corporate logo. A logo needs to be recognised after the first glance. The Mazda logo uses one simple image (Mazda Australia, 2019). Many uses more than one symbol such as the Telstra logo. The Telstra logo uses a capital T with an oval shaped shadow and this logo is instantly recognisable because of its simplicity (Telstra, 2019).


The key to a successful logo is immediate recognition. The colour, symbolism, form and complexity are all essential elements of a successful logo.




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