Intercultural Communication

By Emily Heyze

Organisations often rely on adequate intercultural communication skills. Intercultural communication focuses on knowing how to communicate appropriately across diverse cultures and social groups (SkillsYouNeed, 2019, para. 1). It has been found that there is two types of intercultural communication, verbal and nonverbal communication. If an individual does not speak the same language, they may use hand signals to send their message. The definition of a team is a group of individuals working together to achieve a common goal (“Team”, 2019). Therefore, a team environment is a common place for the implantation of intercultural communication.

Teamwork (The code gang, 2017)


Culture is considered a concept of anthropology in the study of human characteristics and societies future development. When referring to an organisational setting culture includes structural stability, deep embedding of culture and values that become the essence of an organisations culture. Genere et al. (2015) found that “there are more opportunities than ever before for business practitioners to engage different cultures, develop cross-cultural literacy and become effective communicators” (p. 185).

The Cultures (Daniel Christian Wahl, 2018)


Renowned organisations and global organisations often practice Intercultural communication. The Department of Human Services is responsible for delivering welfare to the people of Australia. The environment of human service organisations needs to ensure the representation of diverse cultures within the families, individuals and communities serviced. Mccoy et al. (2013) outlines that through studies it has been found that the insertion of culture in human service organisations has been an extremely difficult and challenging phenomenon (P. 16). There are many barriers to effective intercultural communication in the work place, as a result, it is significant that employees and managers understand intercultural communication.

Intercultural Communication (Eugine Musundi, 2019)



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