Webpage Communication

By Rohan Stace Robinson

Not all websites are sound when they are created, but through field testing and regular services, it can get very close to being perfect. The functionality of a website can be broken down into different components. These include the design, the text structure and how forgiving the system is (WebForce5, 2019). All of these components must meet the target audience’s requirements for it to be effective and the balancing all of the components is a difficult process.


The design of the EcoProjects Australia webpage can be improved. The webpage takes more a text-based design which can often be difficult to draw in the target audience because it appears as though there is a large amount of reading material even if there is not. There are very few images to break up the large groups of text which can irritate the viewer. These issues can be fixed by breaking up the text into smaller groups and including images that directly relate to what the site is talking about in the section. This also provides an opportunity to clearly display what the target audience is looking for.

The text structure of a webpage is very important. Text structure focuses on the information provided, the colour of the text and the font. This webpage contains a solid understanding of font and the font they have chosen translates well. The choice of grey text is not a good choice, even though it works on a white background, it can distract the viewer and make it difficult to read. The information that the webpage offers is solid but is bland and boring (WebForce5, 2019). This area can be fixed by changing up the structure and field testing how the website does with its target audience.

The system that the webpage uses works well but there are too many menus for the user to view and assess. To repair this issue, a simple way is to limit the number of menus that the users have to choose from. This will give the website more room to work with the other components that are provided.



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