Communicating a Message

By Emily Heyze

Organisational communication is a key interpersonal skill. It is the transmission of information from one individual to another through a chosen medium. A common means of communication is technology. Everse (2011) indicates that effective communication relies on knowing how to format a suitable message composition in both professional and personal circumstances (para. 1). Modern Advertising is founded on broad and direct communication that uses persuasive goods and services to promote the organisations product. Ezhova and Dvoenko (2018) claims that scholars have founded their advertisement research on theoretical and methodical features of communication (p. 1). Advertisement communication allows the organisation to use a diverse range of factors to communicate their message. A few significant elements include the sender, tone, language and non-verbal communication.

Components of communication (Kris Fannin, 2018).


In communication studies the meaning of the message is recognised as significant information communicated directly though verbal and non-verbal communication. The messaged is originated from the sender therefore the message is recognised as significant. “Aristotle recognised that meaning was in fact determined by the receiver of the message” (Genere et al, 2015, p. 53). Nike is a multinational corporation focused on selling apparel. The sender is significant in the communication process, they initiate the communication. In 2019 Nike released an advertisement that depicts some of greatest female athletes of time and focuses on the message of chasing your dreams. The advertisement focuses on the role of empowering women and achieving gender equality.

Dream Crazier (Nike News, 2019).


The tone in communication refers to the sender’s mood when expressing the topic, this can be unified with effective and significant language (Literary Devices, 2019, para. 1). As the sender of the powerful message, Nike incorporated a strong yet ardent tone of voice in the advertisement. This was expressed through language such as repetition, sarcasm and informative information. Segal et al. (2019) states that nonverbal communication is expressed through visual cues such as body language (para. 1). The advertisement is made up of expressive faces and dramatic body language that evokes emotion in the viewer. The Nike advertisement incorporated written communication at the end of the commercial, they practised a play on words with their popular catch phrase. Another type of communication used was verbal, the advertisement was narrated by Serena Williams.

Key elements of successful communication (Pixus, 2015).



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