A Reflection of the Self

Week 10 of our Communication in Professional Context unit uncovered valuable discussions about understanding the self, dusting off the link between communication style and personality type. Familiarisation with these connections began through a variety of online activities, each unveiling more awareness around behavioural patterns and their effect on my communication.

An image depicting the effect personality can have on individual communication methods, (People communicating, n.d)

The most rewarding task was the 16 Types Personality Test. Which supplied a series of questions to be answered honestly about how I would respond to situations. And while not set in stone, the test provided a blueprint of insight about some of the ground components contributing to my natural communication style.

For instance, it brought attention to my tendency to work independently. Which in most cases is a great attribute, but at times can be problematic when communicating or working in a group. As I can have a very head strong, bull at a gate attitude toward things, without double checking if I’m on the right track. Potentially creating many pot holes within my communication style and threatening to derail any form of progress towards solo or group projects. However, the knowledge from this test has proved useful, by giving me more awareness around my behaviours and I now feel confident that with considerable effort such obstacles can be easily overcome.

Shaw’s philosophy remains true today, (Communication quote, 2018).

Personality is said to be the characteristics responsible for influencing thoughts, decisions and actions (APA, 2019). In reflection, by having this greater understanding of my personality, I’m able to more honestly reflect upon the positives and negatives within my communication methods. Whilst gaining greater control of my emotional intelligence in the process. Meaning I can more effectively censor my feelings, preventing any from clouding my better judgment (Mayer & Salovey, 1993).

Ultimately the test usefully presented new perspective to the reasoning behind the decisions and communication methods I use daily, pin pointing areas needing improvement and making known communication is a continuous journey. One that requires commitment, for the more I understand my personality the better I can develop my communication style and begin putting it into positive practice.

To discover more about your own personality, visit: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test


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